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An easy demo utilized by conservators to detect brittle paper. One particular corner of a leaf is Carefully folded diagonally forward and back again two times about one-fifty percent inch in from the point the place the edges satisfy.

A chunk of kit designed to change the photographs and seem observe on motion picture film to Digital signals recorded on videotape or as impression data files on disk, or telecast immediately without the need of recording (see this instance).

A variety of bookbinding wherein the spine and corners are sure in a distinct content than the sides, usually a more long lasting covering like leather-based. Just like 50 %-binding except which the corners are much larger and the fabric masking the backbone extends nearly half the width of your boards (see this example in leather-based with boards protected in marbled paper, courtesy in the Univ. of Pittsburgh Libraries). Compare with comprehensive binding, half binding, and quarter binding.

A compact, systematic checklist of data, as within a desk of contents listing the chapters of a e book, or maybe the Periodic Desk of Factors in chemistry. Also refers back to the compact arrangement of points, figures, or other information in vertical rows and columns to facilitate comparison, normally using a title across the leading or an explanatory caption or Observe composed or printed underneath.

). The term is additionally used in a less specific technique to refer to any bibliographic merchandise recognized by its title, as from the phrase "listing of titles requested."

Also refers to an marketing preprint of 4 or maybe more web pages, normally one-50 % the dimensions with the newspaper into which it really is inserted.

A term launched by AT&T to refer to a committed digital circuit supplied by the phone businesses able to transmitting knowledge issue-to-place at the rate of 44.

A periodical devoted to disseminating news and information of fascination to a specific group of enterprise or marketplace, often released by a trade association. Some trade journals are available in an online Variation, and in print (

Instructors are needed to generate a "fair" work to stop learners from disseminating copyrighted elements to Other individuals. Several establishments have interpreted password defense of electronic class elements as Assembly this need. Click the link to hook up with the American Library Association's Online page on distance education and Train

The issue of the e book so tightly sure the backbone is rigid, preventing the leaves from opening and remaining open at a certain web page.

A video display coated with a clear touch-delicate panel that permits the consumer to help web link make choices from the menu of choices or initiate unique operations by touching the Portion of the screen that displays the appropriate phrase, phrase, symbol, icon, or button.

A style of medieval manuscript illumination wherein the topic is 1st outlined in black or coloured ink along with a frivolously tinted colour clean included to some or all the drawing to provide the perception of modeling. Michelle Brown notes in Knowledge Illuminated Manuscripts

The key name of a bibliographic product, generally located about the Main source of data, together with any different title although not parallel titles and also other title info. In AACR2

A library that supports one or more from the applied sciences, like engineering or Personal computer science. A specialized library is usually a branch library in a large College, A significant collection inside of a significant educational or public library, or perhaps a special library preserved by A non-public Company or govt agency. Click here to begin to see the Yahoo!

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